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This web site contains the published works of the organization Soaring Symposia created by by Ed Byars & Bill Holbrook ( It's goal was to help educate pilots in advanced cross country/competition soaring.

Photo of Byars & Holbrook at 1969 Nationals! and photo of G Byars in 1992!

Proceedings of 1969 Symposium

Proceedings of 1970 Symposium

Proceedings of 1971 Symposium

Proceedings of 1972 Symposium

Soaring Cross Country

by Ed Byars & Bill Holbrook

Copyright: Copyright 1969,1970,1971,1973,1974 Soaring Symposia. Permission to copy the material in the Proceedings and in Soaring Cross Country is granted for non-commercial use, in their entirety, and with this copyright notice attached.

Disclaimer: The material in these proceedings and in the Soaring Cross Country book represent a snapshot of the art of soaring in the late 1960's and 1970's. Before making any important decisions based on the contest rules, FAI, and FAR's listed here, please verify from the appropriate source that that information is still valid.

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