Proceedings of the 1971 Symposium On Competitive Soaring

Presented at: Mont Chateau Lodge, Morgantown, West Virginia, February 13-14, 1971

Edited by: Ed Byars Bill Holbrook


The rapid growth of the number of competitive soaring pilots in the United States creates an increasing demand for advanced soaring information. Soaring Symposia is trying to provide the latest and best data by conducting annual symposiums on competitive soaring and printing the transcript of the proceedings for the study of those who attend and the information of those unable to come to the meetings.

What began as an effort to improve the quality of American pilots has spread to the world fraternity as these proceedings are read internationally.

The entire faculty has expressed concern about the number of sailplanes damaged in contest landings. They continue to emphasize that you can't win with a broken bird. The knowledge gained by home study must be tempered with experience.

Know your own capabilities with your sailplane!

We particularly thank the faculty who make these symposia meaningful. The hard work Dr. Leland Ransom spends taping all of our symposia and Bree Morecraft's hours of meticulous typing are gratefully acknowledged.

The finest part of Soaring Symposia is the opportunity to know so many friends through their comments, both written and verbal, on our books. Please continue to let us know of your thoughts about our work.

Ed Byars & Bill Holbrook

Copyright 1971: All rights reserved. Permission is granted to copy the articles in these proceedings only for non-commercial use, in their entirety and with this copyright notice attached.