Proceedings of the First Annual Symposium On Competition Soaring

Presented at: White Sulphur Springs Hotel Mann's Choice, Pennsylvania March 8-9, 1969

Edited By: Ed Byars & Bill Holbrook


We believe that the epitome of all soaring is competition soaring. All other forms are or should be simply training, pointed toward improving competition abilities. One exception, which is viewed only as an interesting sidelight, is soaring for world records. State and National record seeking is, in our view, competition practice.

In the past the foreign (especially European) soaring pilots have far outnumbered American soaring pilots. In recent years the number of American competitive soaring. pilots truly qualified to be instructors are only a handful and do not have time to give much individual instruction. A few of us are lucky and get to fly alongside these giants occasionally while they practice and compete but this is no answer to the problem. While most of these top people are quite capable of writing, they usually cannot afford the time to concentrate on instructive writing. As a consequence, most of the English language literature on competition soaring is not applicable to the U.S., is not advanced enough, and is written by the British for the British -- which is fine for them but inadequate for us.

Soaring Symposia was created to help alleviate this problem of advanced soaring instruction in America. We seek to afford an opportunity for the world's best in soaring to help those who aspire to be the world's best. We feel that a compact two-day symposium is one of the best vehicles for this purpose.

Judging from the quality of the papers contained herein and from the think this first Symposium is a good reaction to this Symposium, we like to first step toward accomplishing our objective.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the members of the faculty for their efforts. Their knowledge has made this Symposium possible. The mark of a true champion is not only his advanced knowledge and ability to apply it, but also his willingness to share it.

Suggestions and comments from our readers and participants are welcome.

Ed Byars & Bill Holbrook

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