Proceedings of the 1970 Symposium On Competitive Soaring

Presented at: Chatham Center, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, February 21-22, 1970

Edited by: Ed Byars & Bill Holbrook


The 1970 Symposium on Competitive Soaring was held in Pittsburgh on February 21-22, 1970. We were pleased to have Commodore Goodhart join our faculty this year to add European viewpoint and flavor.

Emphasis was placed on new trends in equipment, especially sailplanes, as well as a continuation of emphasis on competition techniques and instrumentation.

The response to the Proceedings of 1969 was very gratifying and makes us feel that perhaps our efforts are a worthwhile contribution to the sport. Requests for the Proceedings have come from all parts of the world -- at least two dozen countries at last count -- with several requests for translation rights. It is interesting to hear from a small African country and from a South American country in the same mail. Iron Curtain countries have been conspicuous by their silence. We hear rumors that copies are being smuggled in. The ratio of readers in Europe to those in the United States is interesting and shows that even though the Symposium was "American" in nature, the world soaring CG is still closer to the east side of the Atlantic.

We would again like to thank our readers, faculty and participants who made the Symposium and these resulting Proceedings possible.

Comments on this and future symposia are welcome.

Ed Byars & Bill Holbrook

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