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May 2006

Betsy Byars
Children's Author, Newbery Award Winner

Hello Again!

I’ve just started a new mystery and the opening sentence is :"Herculeah Jones was being followed.”

Opening sentences should set the mood of the book.  Here are some from my other books.

”Bingo Brown fell in love three times during English class.”

“The game of Monopoly had been going on for a day and a half.”

“When the swimming pool lights were turned out and Colonel and Mrs. Roberts had gone to bed, the Anderson kids came out of the bushes in their underwear.”

“Junior stood on top of the barn, arms, outstretched, legs apart.

“Four days before Christmas, Jimmie Little’s uncle announced he would walk across the Monday River.”

“Sammy crouched in the metal culvert that ran beneath the highway.”

“Sometimes at night when the rain is beating against the windows of my room, I think about that summer on the farm.”

Well, that’s all I have room for.  Until next time!


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