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January 2006

Betsy Byars
Children's Author, Newbery Award Winner

Hello Again!

.I've had many great letters from you telling me you enjoyed the Herculeah Jones mysteries.

I started them because all my life I have loved to read mysteries.  Then, by accident, I came up with the name Herculeah.  And sometimes when I get an unusual name like that, the character develops on his or her own.  That's what happened with Herculeah, and she turned out to be so strong that I had to give her something strong to deal with like a murder or a mystery or haunted mansions.

Now I've got good news about Herculeah.  She's coming back in a new mystery, but that's not all the good news.  She has a great new look, like this:

I love it!  I hope you like it too, and, most of all, I hope you'll like the story.  Let me know

Until next time....


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