"Spirit of the Dance" is our latest recording.  Click on the set below to hear a sample. (mp3 format)

  1. Cliffs of Mohr / Growling Old Man, Growling Old Woman / Mason's Apron
  2. Coleraine / Jump at the Sun / Newberry's Jig 
  3. Blizzard Hambo
  4. Robertson's Reel/Old Grey Cat/Around the Horn
  5. Calliope House / Cowboy's Jig / Blue Jig
  6. Galacian Waltz
  7. Morpeth Rant /Tam Lin/ Curvy Road to Corinth
  8. Bridgette O'Malley
  9. Fahey's Reel / Dick Gossip / Sligo Creek
  10. Stop Press / Jerusalem Ridge / Tuba City Truck Stop
  11. Sylvia's Waltz
  12. Cuckoo's Nest / Julia Delaney / Ships are Sailing
  13. Guy and Nelly's Waltz  (1997 Fred Stoll)
  14. Swinging on a Gate / Star of Munster / High Road to Linton 

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The following sets give you a feel for the excitement and energy of a live contra dance. These were taped live at the Church of Annuncation with Mike Boerschig calling:

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